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When a home is renovated or sold, it’s essential that all work being done is performed according to current industry and safety standards. While finding the right company to perform the necessary inspections can be stressful, this need not be the case when dealing with us here at Building Inspections Melbourne. Our team provides a wide range of property inspection services.

Handover Home Inspections

handover-building-inspectionsWhen building a home, the construction project must be inspected periodically to ensure that everything adheres to industry standards. Upon signing up for our handover inspection service, our inspectors will be present at the property during all stages of construction to ensure that the quality of workmanship can be assessed before signing off on it. While this service consists of various stages, you may choose to have only one or all of them performed by our inspectors.

The stages include:

  • Base – occurs before the slab is poured
  • Frame – after framework has been completed, but before internal wall linings are mounted
  • Lock-up – once doors, windows and roof are installed
  • Pre-painting – once construction is complete, but before painting starts
  • Handover – after construction is finished and final cleanup has been performed
  • Warranty Inspection – performed within 12 months as a follow-up handover inspection

Pre Purchase Home Inspections

pre-purchase-building-inspectionsHave you found out that your ideal home is currently available for purchase? Are you already going through the process of putting an offer in for a new home? Either way, you will want to ensure that you won’t have to spend thousands on expensive structural repairs before even moving in. When requesting that our team here at Building Inspections Melbourne perform a pre purchase inspection, you will not only obtain a detailed report within 24 hours after it has been done; our inspector will see to it that all possible defects are listed. Estimated repair costs for these defects will be provided as well.

Renovation inspections

renovation-building-inspectionsWhile having renovations performed on your home, our inspectors can assist you by ensuring that all work is done according to your approved building plans and industry standards. Afterwards, they will provide you with a detailed report listing the items that will need to be rectified by the builder (if applicable). These can include, but may not always be limited to poor quality brick work, incorrectly positioned power points, badly laid flooring, sub-standard cupboard installations and much more.

New Home Inspections

new-home-building-inspectionsAs a buyer, you will be able to request our involvement at any time during the building process. However, it will be most beneficial to you if you hire our services during the beginning stages of construction. This will enable our inspectors to seek out potential safety hazards, poor workmanship, suspected non-compliance of regulations and/or specifications and incomplete installations. In most cases, reports on these findings will be sent to you within 24 hours of the inspection being done – which is performed according to the Australian Guide to Standards and Tolerances and the National Construction Code.

Pre-Auction/ Pre Sale Property Inspections

pre-sale-auction-building-inspectionsSometimes also known as vendor inspections, these involve the same reports that are given to potential home buyers. The only difference is that the vendor or agent is given access to the property inspections and the results thereof before the sale takes place. This is why it is recommended that you have us perform a pre-sale inspection on your home. It will not only help you to set a realistic sale price; it will help prevent the sale from being cancelled as a result of undetected structural problems.

If you are considering buying or selling a home in the near future or you would like to ensure that renovations are being done according to industry standards, contact us at Building Inspections Melbourne today to see how we will be able to help you.

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