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renovation-building-inspectionsNumerous home owners aren’t aware that they are supposed to have regular inspections carried out if they are having any type of renovation work done on their properties. While most registered builders and construction companies are reliable and honest, it’s still possible for them to make mistakes from time to time. As a result, it’s recommended that you allow an inspector from building Inspections Melbourne to perform renovations inspections on your behalf.

Get Peace of Mind

When hiring any of our inspectors to perform renovation inspections on your home, you will be able to enjoy complete peace of mind in knowing that all building work is being done according to current safety and building standards. All of our inspectors have extensive experience in the construction and building industry, meaning that they know exactly what to look for during inspections. While our services can be requested at any time during the renovation process, it’s recommended that you consult with us before any renovation work begins.

How you will benefit from our Renovation Inspection Process

Our renovations inspector will check everything over carefully to ensure that none of the work being done or materials used is of a poor or sub-standard quality. In addition, they will ensure that the work is being done according to the pre-approved building plans and any current applicable Australian Standards and Building Codes regulations. Once the inspection has been cone, you will receive a concise report listing any and all items that require immediate attention or repair work by the builder or construction company.

Common Errors Detected During Renovations

Some of the most commonly noted building and construction issues that are detected during renovations include:

  • Windows that don’t close or latch properly
  • Floors that aren’t built according to specifications
  • Floors that are not properly leveled
  • Floors that are cast in the wrong sizes
  • Brick laying work that is sub-standard
  • Incorrect amount of brick courses
  • Doors that don’t open or close fully because of being incorrectly planed or fitted
  • Power points that have been installed too close to sources of water such as kitchen or bathroom sinks
  • Cupboards that have been poorly made or fitted incorrectly
  • Little or no allowance being made for plumbing piping
  • Roof coverings that haven’t been installed according to safety specifications

While problems like these may not present themselves with all renovation work, there is always the possibility that they could occur. As a result, it is strongly recommended that full inspections be carried out while renovation work is taking place.

If you plan on having home renovation work performed or you have already had them done and are dissatisfied with the end results, contact our team at Building Inspections Melbourne today to schedule a full renovation inspection. We will assist you by reaching out to the builder or construction company who has done the project to ensure that problems are attended to as quickly as possible. Additionally, we will be able to help you during the whole renovation process as well.

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