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pre-sale-auction-building-inspectionsShould you have ideas of selling or auctioning a house or apartment, you need to ensure that you do whatever is necessary to prevent any nasty encounters involving structural or building faults that might present themselves unexpectedly. A tried and trusted method of doing this is to schedule an appointment with one of our team members so that they can perform a thorough interior and exterior inspection at your home before trying to sell it.

What Does This Type of Check-up Entail?

These property checks are also known as vendor checks, and they involve having similar reports being provided to potential buyers as those supplied for pre-purchase inspections. There is once minor difference though – the agent or vendor will be able to access this report and its findings before the property is sold off. Once the check-up has been conducted, our inspector will give you and/or your agent a copy of this report, along with what has been noted beforehand to help speed up the selling process.

An inspection done by us will mean that an inspector thoroughly checks all of the parts of the property in question, such as the actual structure (walls, doors, foundations, flooring and window units), electric and wiring installations, power or DB boards, plugs and also installed appliances such as stoves, hot water heaters and fridges. You will be informed about anything needing replacement or repair work at this time.

Enjoy being covered while Negotiations are Taking Place

In the event that you’ve opted for having one of these inspections performed at your property, you will be advised of underlying structural, electrical or plumbing issues before you attempt selling it. In addition, it arms you by providing an exceptionally valuable tool that will be required when you finally make the decision regarding what you want your selling price to be. In the event that any renovations were done previously or your home is older and no appliances have required replacement yet, there might be some non-compliance matters as well as aging products like geysers that could require attention or replacement.

Look Forward to a Hassle Free Selling Process

Don’t fall victim to having a house sale being delayed or worse – even being stopped completely, rather step up and take action by allowing us to conduct a full inspection at your property? Although may seem expensive, it is certain that it will be a long-term investment, as it will save money and hassle over time. Doing a full inspection will also be able to give possible buyers confidence – there will be no unpleasant shocks for them in the way of large bills for construction-related issues soon after buying the property.

In the event that you have been thinking about putting your home on the market and you have not been sure of the steps needed to finalise the process, speak with our team to schedule an appointment to have a complete inspection carried out on your house or apartment as soon as possible.

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