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pre-purchase-building-inspectionsIn many cases, property purchasers find themselves being so excited that they will finally be property owners that they don’t have the property in question inspected before finalising the purchase. This can result in costly repairs being needed down the line. However, this issue can be prevented when an inspection is done before having the buying paperwork signed.

Know the Property you’re Purchasing

Thoroughly inspecting a home before deciding to purchase it will allow you to know if there is any structural damage that needs to be dealt with. If this is the case, an inspector from Building Inspections Melbourne is able to supply approximate costs for repairs that must be completed prior to the home being allowed to pass an inspection. One of our inspectors will peruse the inside and outside of the property over carefully, and the information derived during the inspection will be compiled into a thorough report that notes any issues that require immediate attention.

Obtain a Report the Same Day

When inspections are done prior to purchase by Building Inspections Melbourne, they are always performed in accordance with current building and safety standards. Once an inspection has been done, a full report then gets emailed through to the potential buyer in 24 hours of being completed. If you can’t be at the property during the inspection process, you have the option to contact the person doing the inspection and discuss the findings. They will advise you whether any defects have been found and what the potential consequences could be if they aren’t attended to. Approximate costs of repair work for the noted defects will also be provided, and our inspector can also give recommendations for reputable tradespeople to do the repairs.

What will be looked at throughout the Inspection Process?

A pre inspection involves checking over the entire home. This includes the inside and external roof material, roof cavities (where applicable), foundations, spaces under flooring, the outside  property structure including doors, walls, lintels, stairs, windows, doors leading into garages, etc., the property interior including floor coverings, bathroom fixtures, bedrooms, electrical installations, kitchen areas etc. and all other areas. Driveways, steps, retaining walls and surface drainage are checked for problems like dampness, dry rot, drainage and possible ventilation issues as well.

Book a Pre Purchase Inspection with us

If you intend putting a bid on an auction property or you’ve submitted potential offers on a property by means of estate agents, it is recommended that you have our inspectors thoroughly check the property before the deal is finalized. While it seems like a non-essential expense in the beginning, outlaying money on a pre purchase inspection, it could end up saving you thousands – along with a significant amount of heartache – in the long term.

Customers who have hired us to inspect properties here at Building Inspections Melbourne have been happy with the service they have received from our qualified and experienced inspectors. If you would like to find out whether your dream home will be a worthwhile investment or not, feel free to contact our inspectors at Building inspections Melbourne to schedule an appointment with them.

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