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handover-building-inspectionsDuring the time that your home is being built, you’ll want to see to it that tasks are being completed according to legal standards. We have a handover inspections team that is able to assist with this by offering advice and support, while also completely assessing and checking every stage of the construction process. As a property owner, you can opt to have our team in attendance for one or more stages of the building process in the event that a home is being built from the bottom up.

Multi Stage Inspection Process

 We offer new home buyers a multi-tiered option with regards to the inspection process. This ensures that all construction is carried out according to current Australian Standards:

  • Base Stage – occurs immediately before slab pouring is done
  • Frame Stage – done once initial framework is complete
  • Lock-up Stage – happens when roof laying is completed, windows are installed and external cladding completed
  • Fixing Stage – the home’s inside will be perused for plaster, tile, carpentry and cabinetry defects
  • Handover or Practical Completion – this is only done after the builder is fully satisfied that the work is complete and a complete clean-up has been done
  • Warranty Inspection – this has to be done no later than one year after construction as a follow-up or second handover inspection to ensure that no defects have become an issue – your builder will need to address these as part of their extended warranty

Although home owners will benefit the most when making use of all of the stages of our inspection service, builders will also benefit because they will be made aware of matters requiring immediate attention before they become too inconvenient or expensive to rectify.

Reasons Why a Handover Inspection is Crucial

Many apartment and house purchasers are under the impression that there will be no issues with the construction of a brand new living structure. However, builders constantly face having to give top notch construction at the best possible prices. There have been cases where new properties are discovered to be severely defective. Having our team conduct a handover inspection will ensure that everything is constructed and fitted in accordance with the highest safety standards and building codes, while also ensuring that termite barriers haven’t been affected in any way during construction.

Before you go about hiring a builder, you need to ensure that you go more by referrals than display properties alone. Always try to see if you can inspect a few older properties that were put up by the construction company you wish to hire, as this will provide you with an accurate indication of their level of workmanship. You should also ensure that you only hire a builder or construction company that is fully registered, licensed and carries the appropriate insurance.

If you’re in the process of building a brand new home and you want to be sure that the work is up to standard, no matter what stage your home’s construction progress may be in, contact our team to organise a handover inspection today.


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