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new-home-building-inspectionsMost property owners and first time buyers have minimal building-related expertise and knowledge, meaning that they are literally on the back foot with regards to knowing what to look for – especially in the event of issues arising. Having inspectors who side with you and that know what to watch for throughout the building project will not only mean that you get your money’s worth; it will also be beneficial if poor quality workmanship is noted at any point in the future as well.

What all do our New Home Inspections Comprise of?

While any of our inspectors do an inspection on a new home, they must look for anything that could be a possible safety risk, suspected non-compliance issues, any type of poor quality workmanship, projects that have not been fully completed and potential non-compliance with the original building contract and client requests. While you can request our services can be requested at any stage of building a new home, it is a good idea to get in touch with us before allowing your building work to start. This enables us to supply the right form of support throughout each section of the building process. All inspections are conducted in accordance with the National Construction Code and Australian Guide to Standards and Tolerances.

Let Us Perform a Complete Inspection on your New Property

Inspectors hired by us are not only qualified tradespeople; and they have also been fully registered and accredited builders with extensive levels of knowledge and expertise in the building industry. In addition, they possess extensive knowledge pertaining to current Building Regulations and Acts. This prevents anything from being missed or overlooked – no matter how minor it may seem to be. This allows us to perform some of the most comprehensive new home inspection processes. Upon completion, a complete construction report will be presented to you, which lists everything that must be rectified.

Essential Inspections

It’s mandatory for building inspectors to approve these aspects:

  • Inspection of footings – once excavation work has been done to prepare for footing installation
  • Inspecting the slab – a thorough inspection involving a home’s concrete foundation slab during and after the pouring process
  • Framing inspection – this will entail a full inspection of all completed framing work
  • Final and full inspection – a final inspection will be carried out when all aspects of your new home are carefully inspected. This ensures that appliance installations and construction has been done according to current safety and construction standards

Throughout the above mentioned construction projects, our knowledgeable inspectors are must approve any work already done and grant approval before they can permit the following round of building to go ahead. Should anything be substandard, it must be amended before essential permits are given.

While it seems costly to pay so much to have an inspection carried out on your new home, it will essentially save money as time goes on. In the event that you’re in the process of getting a new home built and you want to make sure that the work is being completed according to legal building regulations, get in touch with our team today and request that one of our inspectors be available during all stages of the building process.

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